July 4, 2023

Did you know that 85% of the time, it’s the bride who plans the honeymoon? Add that to the never-ending to-do list right after dress fittings, floral arrangements, gift registry, and seating charts — it’s no wonder it is so easy to get overwhelmed!

With so much information out there, planning your own honeymoon can be stressful. But don’t worry, getting organized is the key to making sense of it all. Take it from me, having planned countless honeymoons for other couples (including my own!), I’ve broken it down in 7 easy steps for you:

1. Start early!
This is one of my biggest tips, and in fact, I was even quoted in BRIDES Magazine about the importance of getting a head start on your honeymoon. You’ll have more options for destinations, resorts, airfare, and even better deals. A year in advance is ideal for many destinations. Some popular resorts and room categories book out more than a year in advance. There are no deals to have at the last minute — for real, I promise! 

2. Be flexible
If you are flexible with your dates, you will get the best value for your money. Shoulder seasons are perfect for finding good values. These are times right before and right after a destinations peak season. On top of more choices and better pricing, you’ll encounter less crowds at popular spots. 

3. Research airline schedules
Check out your local airport and airports within a reasonable distance to get an idea of the general daily flight schedule. Not all destinations receive daily flights or non-stop flights. Even when a destination is closer, it doesn’t always mean it’s easier to get there.

4. Be open-minded.
One of the hardest pills to swallow is to find out your dream destination or vision is significantly over your budget. Be open to solutions that might help accomplish your dream. Whether it’s an alternate similar destination or maybe spending only a couple nights in that overwater bungalow instead of 10 nights, look at all your options. Many couples opt to take a mini-moon right after their wedding to plan and save for their dream honeymoon 6 months to a year later. 

5. Schedule time to discuss your honeymoon
Whether it’s a coffee date or a chat over dinner, sit together and discuss each other’s priorities and wish list during each phase of the planning process. From deciding where to go to figuring our your plans once you arrive, talk about your options and make decisions together. 

6. Be a team
Planning your honeymoon is a great exercise to get better at working together. There are lots of options to consider and decisions to make. How will you work together to create your dream honeymoon? Maybe you both research possible destinations and then share or lists. Or maybe one decides the destination but the other decides on the resort. There is no right or wrong way as long as you find a way that works for you. 

7. Ensure passports and travel documents are up to date.
Nothing will grind your dream honeymoon to a screeching halt than not having the required travel documents ready to go for departure. If you don’t have a passport and want to travel internationally, this is vital. Apply early! It can take up to 18 weeks to receive your passport. IF yours is up for renewal, renew early. Many destinations require your passport to be valid a minimum of 6 months from the date you leave that destination. 

If you’re still having a hard time wrapping your head around how to plan your honeymoon, then take a deep breath and schedule a one-on-one consultation with Tahryn. Working with a skilled travel expert can take all of the above off your plate and find you the best destinations, accommodations, flights, and experiences for your budget!




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