The 10 Worst Airlines in the World

You’ve been warned.

Airlines can be hauntingly terrible: uncomfortable seats, stale and pricey food, lack of entertainment, delays and cancelations, and unsympathetic staff to top it all off. If you’ve ever faced this first hand, you know it’s not an experience you’ll ever want to revisit, no matter how tempting the fare.  To save travelers from the perils of unsavory flying experience, luggage storage company Bounce analyzed popular airlines on seven factors: passenger complaints, punctuality, maximum free baggage allowance, comfort, meals, in-flight entertainment, and staff service. Among the winners was Delta, which took the top spot in the domestic airlines category, followed by Hawaiian Airlines and Horizon Air. On the international front, Japan’s All Nippon Airways and Singapore Airlines beat the competition with great service and fewer complaints.  But you know which airlines are scraping the bottom of the barrel? Here’s a list of the worst airlines in the world with damning scores on the abovementioned factors. Now you know what not to book!

Floridas 10 Best Hotels to Stay Pre-Cruise

Don’t miss the boat!

Cruises are slowly coming back and we’re already salivating over 24-hour buffets, seeing over-the-top theater, and relaxing with a book while watching nothing but waves in the distance. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We know that the key component of a cruise is the pre-cruise hotel. Because after all, if we don’t stay the day before in a hotel, then Murphy’s Law says our flight will hit some sort of a snag the day of the cruise and we’ll miss our boarding. And then we won’t be cruising at all. Newbie cruisers, this may be the Best. Advice. Ever: Get a hotel the night before you cruise. Now that we got that out of the way, here are the best pre-cruise hotels if your cruise is departing out of Florida.

12 Bizarre New Years Celebrations Around the World

From premature burials to smashing plates and throwing toilet seats out of the window.

It’s that time of the year again–well, the end of the year and the start of a new one. People around the world will be turning the page to 2022 by partying in different ways, because no matter the religion or custom, just about everyone celebrates New Year’s Eve. But not all countries and cultures celebrate it the same way. Here are 12 of the most unique, and occasionally bizarre, rituals.

Were Adding These 10 Titles to the Top of Our Vacation Reading List in 2022

Tearjerkers, tomes to open up your world, hilarious bios, and more--these are the books you won’t be able to put down on your next holiday.

Most of us haphazardly plan what to read on vacation and end up perusing a chaotic airport newsstand full of Grishams. But, 2022 offers a fresh start, with an abundance of smart, quirky, thoughtful reads. We put together a list of hotly anticipated books from some of our favorite authors, old favorites, and peppered in a few buzzy ones that caught our eye. There’s a great mix of stuff to throw in your beach tote while you sun yourself in Florida, page-turners that you can reserve for your flight across the pond, and books that will offer a laugh if you happen to find yourself locked down (again) at home.

8 Predictions for Traveling in 2022 (and Possibly Beyond)

Canceled plans, deferred departures, anxiety-fueled enjoyment.

Once we get the vaccine, travel will go back to the way that it was before the pandemic, I told myself, like a stupid baby who was literally born yesterday. And everyone will be kind and fair and climate change will reverse and war is over and the meek shall inherit the earth and and and… Well, not yet at least. Two years in, it feels like some of these shifts and trends have staying power. It’s easy to think about all the negative new changes–ranging from irritating to devastating–we’ll forevermore have to endure, but there are a few silver linings come what may. And as far as the rest of it goes, it’d be a safe bet to renew your Xanax prescription in 2022 and soldier on. 

11 Maps That Will Help You See the World in a Whole New Light

Cartography in modern times.

When I’m on a flight, I love watching the interactive flight path that shows what we’re flying over, the altitude and speed of the plane, and how much time I have before I can use the airport bathroom (I avoid airplane lavatories like the plague). It’s amusing to change the terrain on Google Maps when I’m in a mountain city and see my neighborhood on Google Earth. Technology has added another dimension to maps: it has made them fun as well as informative. Did you know that there’s a map that introduces you to regional music? Or that there are many maps that show you what planes are flying overhead? And since we’re in the 21st century where conversations about climate change shouldn’t slip to the margins, online mapping tools are shedding light on mitigation and risks. Cartography has become so much more than scaling areas on paper (and countries fighting about it). There are interesting, interactive maps on the internet that let you pick up the globe and view the world from different angles (figuratively). Here, you have a list of intelligent and awesome maps to increase your knowledge about the world we live in. I’ll bet you’ll find at least one you’ve never heard of before!