11 Reasons to Visit San Francisco’s Most Notorious Neighborhood

Like its namesake filet, the neighborhood of Tenderloin is a prime slice of San Francisco with some hidden gems.

The Tenderloin neighborhood isn’t going to welcome you with open arms. Its guarded and selective nature is exactly why this San Francisco pocket has resisted gentrification and remained a bastion of activism amidst complicated politics and money-wielding players fighting over the neighborhood like, well, a cut of tenderloin. While visitors are often told to “watch your step,” due to street conditions, it’s actually the right idea. Look down, but don’t look down on Tenderloin, because otherwise, you might miss the magic of this neighborhood. These 11 gems scattered throughout this resilient-yet-vulnerable community, will prove why you should add Tenderloin to your San Francisco itinerary. 

The 13 Most Affordable Fine-Dining Restaurants in Paris

Here's how to enjoy Paris’ tres magnifique culinary scene on un petit budget.

One of the joys of traveling is eating well. For decades, Paris has long been regarded as the culinary city of Europe (and some may argue the world), yet with more than 44,000 restaurants in the city alone, it can be mind-boggling to find the perfect restaurant that meets both your budget and also your discerning palate. With Paris being a giant melting pot of cultures, the city has a diverse range of dining options. From cheap eats on the street to lush experiences in fancy hotels. I remember the first time I visited Paris more than a decade ago. Hours of research proved that the best way to enjoy Paris without digging too deep into your pocket is actually to eat a hearty lunch. Described as a “menu du jour,” the French love a long lunch, and this gastronomic delight is even a UNESCO World Cultural listing. In Paris, you can have elaborate degustation or tasting menus that will cost you more than $370 (€350) but at lunch, a simplified menu will cost a mere $50. The lunch menu is a condensed version and can even appear in the form of a two to three-course menu, but it gives the hungry diner a chance to enjoy a true culinary experience without too much stress on both the wallet and waistline. Before Covid-19, many Michelin-star chefs started opening more casual restaurants but after the pandemic, more chefs started to open more casual eateries, creating a Paris teeming with restaurants that don’t compromise on taste, service, or experience. “Budget” can take on many meanings for travelers, but we’re not talking “cheap eats” here or even street food necessarily; this is true French fine dining with a smaller price tag. For just €22-50 ($25-55) you can get a gorgeous French lunch, leaving you with more cash to spend on that Parisian shopping spree. Bon Appetit! Related: The Best Things to Do in Paris

10 Reasons You’re Spending More on Vacations Than Travel Experts

Want to know how the “the experts” travel more often, but somehow spend less? Here’s a list of 10 expert habits that could help save a few dollars on your next trip.

As travel costs reach near-record-breaking points this season, travelers everywhere are searching high and low for the “best deal.” With gas projected to reach almost $6 this summer and the average domestic roundtrip flight lingering around $400, any expert tip to save money on vacation is bound to yield worthy results. Want to know how the “the experts” travel more often, but somehow spend less? Whether you’re planning a regional road trip or an international getaway, these tips are bound to help out. Here’s a list of 10 expert habits that could help save a few dollars on your next trip.

The 7 Top Countries to Visit for Tennis Junkies

Maybe you’ll catch a training star!

All through the year, tennis players hop from one destination to another for a chance to lift a trophy. Everyone knows about the four Grand Slams—Wimbledon, Roland Garros, U.S. Open, and Australian Open—but there are other monthly events that keep tennis players’ and enthusiasts’ schedules full. The feeling of watching your favorite players hit their signature shots just a few feet from you is indescribable, and you can plan your holidays to coincide with WTA and ATP events happening around you. You know what would be even better? Watching some practice shots, digging into the history of your players and what made them who they are, and hanging out at their favorite places. There are companies that specialize in tennis tours and sports tourism, but you can start your own research here with these places that are associated with the best tennis players of all time.